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The simple story is... talk and the computer types! More than 25 years helping individuals improve work efficiency... ... using speech recognition. Time is $$$$ DON'T WASTE IT

I like asking people what grade they got in typing class – whether it’s medical school or law school. It’s a trick question, but it always gets the point across. Most people can’t type, don’t like to type, don’t want to learn how to type, you get the idea.

Frequently people will tell me that they are “very fast” typists. I’m not sure what that really means, but I know that most people can speak clearly at somewhere between 120-140 words a minute. I don’t know anyone who can type that fast. Remember, this is all about putting technology to work to save time.


SayIt is cloud-based speech recognition that turns your speech into text.


Dragon is PC-based speech recognition that turns your speech into text.


A good microphone is essential for good speech recognition.


Capture dictation on the go and transcribe it later.


Making it work for you today!


Helping you with a problem or a question.

“Our practice has been a customer or Paul’s/1SpeechSource for several years now. Paul is responsive, prompt and thorough. He answers questions and requests often within the same day. As a busy medical office Administrator, it’s always great to work with people who you know you can count on to respond and follow through with what they say they are going to do. The providers also easily set-up and navigate Dragon, which puts them at ease. Working with Paul and using the Dragon software are two things we don’t have to stress about.”

Andrea V. - Clinic Administrator

“Thanks, as always, exceptional customer service.”

Jennifer R. – COO, MSN, RN

“Paul conscientiously sells and services the product. If and when a problem or an issue does occur, he takes care of whatever the issue is in an expeditious manner.
In the event in particular product is not a good fit for you personally or your business, he will not sell it to you.”

Mike G. - named partner in boutique law firm