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Document patient encounters the easy way.

Dolbey Fusion Narrate® is a cloud-based speech recognition software product with outstanding accuracy. You can use your laptop, desktop, or smartphone to dictate directly into any application.

Easier documentation workflow with Narrate’s flexible features including the shortcut builder tool. Easily create voice commands to automate keystrokes, text shortcuts, templates, and web browser actions. Narrate has 100 built-in voice commands to simplify EHR navigation and data entry.

Boost Productivity

Designed to help healthcare providers improve workflow and boost productivity, Dolbey has provided voice recording and document management solutions since 1914.

Document patient encounters faster.

Award-winning Dolbey Fusion Suite

A set of software products that include dictation, transcription, speech recognition, clinical documentation improvement, and computer-assisted coding technologies.

An end-to-end solution.

Dolbey Fusion Narrate — Speech Recognition for Healthcare

  • Customizable vocabulary
  • Easy to make text shortcuts
  • Supports Citrix and VMware
  • More than 14 medical specialty vocabularies
  • Automatic software updates
  • Cloud-based – available nearly anywhere with Internet access
  • Supports on-screen controls for touch-screen devices
  • Software is updated 4-6 times a year
  • Works on Windows-based computers

Dolbey Fusion Narrate improves your productivity. Contact us today for your no obligation trial and see what Dolbey Fusion Narrate can do for you!