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Get one of the best-selling and most accurate speech recognition products used by thousands of people. Dragon lets you dictate 3x faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy.

Dragon Medical

Cutting-edge speech technology delivers superior performance.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 empowers clinicians to complete documentation more efficiently than ever before.

Version 4 Enhancements

  • More accurate than ever
  • Simplified setup
  • Superior transcription
  • Improved EMR compatibility
  • Optimized for portable touchscreens
  • Newly designed DragonBar
  • Improved help

Key Features

  • More than 90 medical vocabularies
  • Tuned for the way clinicians speak
  • Regional accent support
  • Simplified interaction with EMRs
  • Dragon Medical template library
  • No Internet connection required

Dragon Non-Medical

Speech recognition technology for professionals, lawyers, law enforcement, and the disabled.

Leverage the power of your voice to create documents, compose email, surf the web, and control your computer.

Dragon Professional 15

Empower employees to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving time and money.

  • Simplify document creation
  • Automate repetitive workflows
  • Reduce transcription time and costs

Dragon Legal 15

Speed legal documentation turnaround times, eliminate transcription bottlenecks, and free support staff to focus on high-value, billable tasks with Dragon Legal.  Put your voice to work.

  • Accurately recognize legal terms
  • Reduce transcription time and costs
  • Automate repetitive workflows

Dragon Law Enforcement 15

Provide law enforcement professionals with a faster, safer, and more efficient way to create incident reports.

  • Ease record management data entry
  • Increase officer presence
  • Keep officers more situationally aware

“Paul has been an exceptional resource for our organization. The products he provides are top notch and the level of service is unparalleled.”

Kara H. - Practice Administrator

“Thanks, as always, exceptional customer service.”

Jennifer R. – COO, MSN, RN

“We’ve used Paul for all of our Dragon purchases as well as training. He is very knowledgeable about the software and its uses in all types of office situations. His training is very thorough and he takes the time to learn how the person he’s training will use the product so that he can adjust their training according to their style. When we run into something we don’t know how to do he’s always available by e-mail. He e-mails us when upgrades come out and does whatever he can to help us get the upgrade files and get them installed. We’ve been extremely happy with our decision to use Paul as our Dragon provider and trainer.”

Jan H. - Trainer for medium-size law firm

Let us help you choose the right Dragon solution.